How To Unblur Course Hero: 6 Cool Hacks for Getting A Free Account

Course hero is definitely a useful tool. But what about the cost?

For most of us, $40 a month is too expensive, WAY too expensive. But what can one do about it? Luckily Course Hero lets you unlock one free document for each that you upload. So if you’re cheap like me, the question now becomes how to upload documents, or how to upload ALOT of documents. We’re talking hundreds of documents so that you never have to worry about paying for course hero again. I’ve got a bit of programming experience myself so I set out to create a tool that automatically ‘crawls’ or searches the internet for PDF documents to upload. Using this tool I was able to collect hundreds of thousands of PDFs. From here its just a matter of uploading them to Course Hero manually or via a script. If you don’t know much about programming, don’t worry, you can download my list.

Another good way to get free course hero is by using the site,  by taking surveys and refering friends, I was able to make enough to pay for course hero in just a few hours.


Other Ways To Get Course Hero For Free

Here are some other methods i’ve found to get cheaper Course Hero access:

  • Unblur Plugin Hack
  • Account Sharing
  • Buying $1 Unlocks
  • Forums
  • Password sharing sites
  • Refer a friend

Using Plugins and Extensions to Unblur Documents

Basically, there are Extensions out there that can unlock documents with the click of a button. At least, thats when the actually work anyways. (Which they almost never do) Maybe these plugins worked wonders for a few months until the loophole they exploit were patched by Course Hero and they stopped working. I tested all the ‘popular’ ones that were mentioned on Reddit to see if they work and here are the results:

CHDL Extension
Last Tested – December 2017 Status: Currently Not Working This is a plugin that works from time to time, so its a good idea to install it and test it out randomly. It works my downloading the document of your URL from a pool of ‘paid accounts’ then sending it to you. I’m pretty sure it stops working when the owner doesn’t renew the paid accounts necessary for the grabbing. Its too bad because it is a type of hack that cannot be fixed by the company.

Scrapyblur Plugin
Last Tested – November 2017 Status: Worked in October, No Longer Working This was a brand new plugin that I saw in the piracy section of reddit. It was originally meant to be used for another site but people made a ‘fork’ variation of it for use with Course Hero. It had worked by automatically uploading documents to your account from all over the internet–thus giving you lots of credits.

UnblurCH Plugin
Last Tested – October 2017 Status: NOT WORKING About two years ago the easiest way to unlock documents for free was with a plugin called UnblurCH. This plugin worked by hacking the website’s CSS and changing a few values– a true hack. Unfortunately, Course Hero was quick to catch on and has since fixed this loop hole in its code. Now if you try the UnblurCH plugin nothing happens.

Accounts and Password Sites

This is another last resort method of getting a free account. There are websites that exist for people to share their accounts and passwords with people. Certain sites like bugmenot and passwordsharez etc.

Public vs Private
If a password site is public, meaning anyone can access it, then generally the passwords and accounts get banned very quickly. As soon as the Course Hero site detects alot of different ip addresses using a single account they will investigate and usually ban the account for suspicious activity. This is where private password sharing sites come in. These are protected by a ‘lock’ of some kind. The lock both prevents people from over using the account as well as incentivizing account owners to put their personal account up on the site. The account poster then gets 10-20 cents for each person that opens the locker, usually by downloading an app or watching an advertisement.

Uploading Documents to Get a Free Account

Big document sharing sites like Course Hero rely on people like you (the user) to help fuel their massive cache of databases. In fact they need your help so bad they are willing to give you a free account for the following types of work:

  • Upload Documents
  • Refer a Friend
  • Vote on Documents you Like

Upload Documents Hack

This is the traditional way to get course hero for free. You simply collect all the documents from school and upload them to the course hero website. For each document uploaded you will get credit that lets you unblur documents of your choice. There is a small approval process for each document, but it is automated. The code will just quickly check that the text of your document doesn’t match anything already in its database–no duplicates are allowed. If you don’t have documents to upload you can use my list of 100,000 pdf documents which is refreshed every month to make sure there are few duplicates. This both helps course hero expand and lets you get free credits to unlock any document you want. Rate Documents – Course Hero wants to make sure it only has the highest quality documents available. To ensure this they offer you document credits simply for rating other documents. For every 5 documents you rate you will get a free document. To be able to rate a document you do need to unlock it, which costs 1 credit. So this is a good way to retain some of the credit you spend, 1 free document for every 5. Upload High Quality Documents – People will also be rating your documents. For every thumbs up that you get you will receive a free unlock. For this reason more is not better when it comes to course hero, just one good document can let you unlock access to hundreds if it goes viral!

Refer a friend

This is another easy way to get some quick and easy cheap course hero. For every friend you refer you can get $25 in tutor credits. The easiest way to refer people is to share the referral link on your facebook, twitter, or instagram. Don’t hesitate to get more creative, you could also spread the link automatically to forums and blog comment sections by making a web robot.