Hey my name is Ana and i’m so excited to have you on my site!  I have been a long time Course Hero user and think it is a great tool for anyone.  Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, Course Hero has something for everyone.

When I first started using the program I couldn’t afford it, I had to rely 100% on uploading documets to get free course hero accounts and passwords.  I uploaded SO many documents that I ended up creating a system for doing it as efficiently as possible.  This website is a place where I can share what I learned in my journey to master using Course Hero, and hopefully help you out.

Other than that, I work as a teacher at an Elementary School in Montpelier Vermont.  I love creating the curriculum and helping my students learn.  They are a bit too young for Course Hero yet so we mostly focus on websites like IXL and Khan Academy.

I also enjoy growing cacti indoors and maintaining a garden in the summer time.  I am currently learning French as well and have 2 cats who help motivate me in my studies:)