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How We Test and Review Sites

We've tested 8 different essay writing services to see which ones delivered the best quality for the cheapest price.

Some of the factors we look at when deciding on the rating of a site:

  • Grammar and punctuation - does the service deliver writing with flawless punctuation? Are commas and semicolons used correctly? Are there any run-on sentences?  Is the author a native speaker of English and using plurals correctly?
  • Turn around time - Was the assignment delivered on time by the service?  If not, how many days overdue was it?
  • Research - Did the writer do their homework, so to speak? We check to see if the writers use proper MBA citation formatting and use quality sources (not just wikipedia).
  • Cost - If all things are considered equal we will give sites with a lower cost a higher rating.  These sites are passing savings onto us, the students, and deserve a bit of recognition for not pocketing as much money as possible.

Did you agree with our ratings for these essay writing services? Let us know in the comments below, and the ratings you would give them if you've tried them yourself!