How to Get a Free Chegg Account: How To Unblur Chegg Study

If you’re in college chances are money is tight and chances are you don’t have enough for cool homework aids like Chegg.

However, there are some pretty cool ways to get Chegg for free:

  • Chegg Study Free Account
  • Chegg Tutors For Free
  • Sell Your Stuff to Chegg for Credits

Free Study Trial Account

Chegg Study is a tool that gives you answers to textbook solutions step-by-step.  This is a dream come true for math, science or anything that can be explained with guided steps.  However, If you don’t have a study membership you’ll find that the answers have an annoying blur.

The best way to unblur these Chegg answers is by getting a free month long trial of Chegg Study.  This is more than enough time to get tons of homework done for free.  Of course, make sure you understand the answers you get and only use it as a learning aid — not a tool to cheat.

Another way to get a Free trial is to rent a book from Chegg.  Since most people need books anyways I recommend renting your textbook from Chegg, which is way cheaper than buying your own anyway.  Then on top of that you’ll get the free account and unblur all 22,000 textbooks inside the Chegg database.

Free Tutor Account

This one is even easier to get for free than Chegg Study.

Simply use this link to get a free session with any tutor.  You don’t have to pay at all and its a great way to get help on your homework for no expense.

The Chegg tutor system is pretty neat, be sure to check out my full review if you haven’t already.  They have all american graduates and professional tutors that you can pick and choose from.  They are always friendly and helpful (even when you aren’t paying).

One cool tool they have is the ‘whiteboard’ which lets the tutor draw anything they want on the screen.  From math formulas to physics visualizations, this saves alot of time and lets you get the most out of your chat.

Chegg Tutor Giving A Lesson

Selling To Chegg

Usually when you sell things to a used store they give you an option of store credit or cash.  It works the same with chegg.

By using the Chegg book selling portal you can get rid of old textbooks that you never use.  If you opt for credit you will get enough to pay for several months of Chegg Study.

Unblur Plugins and Hacks

Every once and a while you see people on reddit talking about extensions that un-blur Chegg answers.  Try to avoid these because they are all fake and don’t work.  All the blurring is done on the server side of the Chegg website so there is no way at all to unblur in with a hack from your computer.

Free Account Password Lists

Another common scam is sites offering free account lists in exchange for you to complete a task.  Usually they want you to submit an email or download an app so they can get paid.  Avoid these at all costs.  If you give out your email you might get spammy sale offers in your inbox.

Not only that but is impossible to share Chegg accounts with people.  I even tried this with some roommates and as soon as we logged in from different computers they were able to tell.  We received a warning email and our accounts were canceled the next day.